Thursday, October 8, 2009

Estate Planning: What You Need to Know


Posted by Ahmed Al-Salem

Estate planning rarely gets the attention it should get.

Saving for your children’s education, purchasing a second home, deciding when and how to retire — these are all topics that people talk about with their friends and their financial advisers. But deciding what happens to whatever is left of your money when you die is often passed over. It shouldn’t be, though, because it is crucial to a financial plan.

But not discussing something that is going to happen will not stop it from happening. And at some point, someone is going to have to sort out your estate — regardless of how big or small it is. Here are some ofthe key issues that should be addressed:

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  1. I completely agree! It is better to plan your will sooner than later. – David Held

  2. Although the intro seemed a bit dull, I believe the actual article itself was very helpful in relation to estate planning.
    -Shawn Chandok