Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Death Comes Before Fame

By Ahmed Al-Salem

This is kind of strange. A man dies yet he continues to make money. So much so, that he can make more money dead than he can alive. We see this a lot in history. Death comes before fame sometimes. And those who fall victim to this strange phenomenon are usually artists. Shakespeare, Van Gogh, Tupac, MJ...and the list goes on. Who gets all this money? Since the person is dead whos bank account do the sales go to. In most cases, the money goes to the people who go after it the most. The government gets the first cut, then agents, then producers, etc and what ever is left get split among those who received money from wills.



  1. I think this is a very interesting article as we do see this happpen alot in history.Another good example is MJ's fortune, and how his wealth kept accumulating whenever a Beatles album was bought or song was played on the radio.
    -Shawn Chandok

  2. This is way your estate must be legally in order, so the Government gets less than it deserves (which should be minimal, since it is your hard earned money!) –David Held