Saturday, September 19, 2009

Insurance for Your Future

By: Laura Reginelli

Losing a loved one is emotionally devastating. On top of that, families then have to endure the financial burden of losing someone as well. According to State Farm, life insurance “is protection against financial loss resulting from death. It is an insurance company's promise to pay your beneficiary a specific amount of money when you die in exchange for timely payment of premiums.”

Although the subject of death is a touchy one, it is important to make sure that your family will be covered if you are to pass away. On top of losing someone that you deeply care about you could also possibly lose a substantial source of income on top it that. With that being said, it makes sense to purchase life insurance before any medical problems occur and when you are healthy. Generally the older one becomes, the more expensive his or her policy will be due to the increased chances of death or medical problems. There are two specific types of life insurance offered, term and permanent. With term insurance you gain coverage for a set amount of time, pay a lower rate in the short run and find it easier to comprehend. However, with permanent life insurance the protection spans a lifetime, has higher premiums but in turn can help you build up equity. Whichever you decide is best, it is important to make sure that both you and your family are insured for the uncertainty of the future.


  1. Life insurance is always a good idea, but choosing the right one can be somewhat difficult for families.
    -Janielle Viggiano

  2. Yes nothing can fill the loss of a person. But all have to think that our loved ones have not suffer after our death, that is why life insurance policy considered. Generally this policy should be purchased at early stage in life as it requires a medical proof. Not only a younger person do have a cheaper policy rate too.